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Thank you for visiting our fan-run archive for stories and personal essays inspired by Taylor Swift’s folklore album. You can read more about how this website came to be on the home or about page. Please see submission rules and our disclaimer before submitting your own story.

Quick Tips:

  1. You can browse posts by categories or song by clicking on the widgets to your right (or possibly at the bottom of the page if you are viewing this on mobile).
  2. You can also search for names or anything via the search bar.

If you have any questions, comment here or reach out to one of the mods on social media and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can. This is a non-profit project though, so please be patient as we only have so much time and attention to spare in a given day.

At this time we don’t have a set end date for when we will stop taking story submissions, but if we are overwhelmed with submissions we may instate one. For now, we plan to allow submissions through the fall and early winter, at which point we may pause new submissions. The website will stay up afterwards, so you can return to your favorites whenever you wish.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you have a great time!

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