This is me trying : an open letter to this year’s graduates

Dear Class of 2020,

After graduation everyone expects to get a job straight out of college. But sometimes, God or whatever you believe in, has other plans for you and these things take time. My plans were interrupted by a global pandemic. But I’m still going to keep trying and I’m still going to pursue my dreams.

Things just take time. It’s why I’m working on getting a Masters degree and hoping for the best. But some days are harder than others and there’s no use in lying to myself about it.

Make the most of the opportunities that come your way. Apply to remote internships if you’re still in high school or in college. Educate yourself on current events. Keep trying. Keep going! This is a reminder to you and to myself. I think the most important thing is to just keep trying.

Find joy in everyday life. UnJadedJade, (a YouTuber) believes in finding the casual magic in everyday life. I started doing that recently and it’s been life-changing. When you start to believe in yourself, miracles do happen. ✨


  • Lily Meade

    I’m a 2020 graduate too! It’s definitely been an eventful year, but in the future we’ll know we can get through any obstacle because we kept going when the going got tough.

    • Amani Salahudeen

      Ah that’s amazing! I’ve been looking into masters programs and trying to decide if I want to pursue one now or later on. Ah good luck to you as well!! It’s been a long year but hopefully 2021 will be a bit better.

  • Emily Victoria

    This is exactly what happened to me! I took 33 credit hours my last semester so I could move overseas with the Peace Corps this May… which was pushed to August… which was pushed to March 2021… So i got a job through a different agency overseas to leave in August… which was pushed to November… So I decided to get my Masters degree and I started this week! Hopefully our plans work out for next year. Even though it was super disappointing I am thankful for many things that happened instead… including (but not limited to) Taylor’s new album! Thank you for this post, it made me feel less alone. <3

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