We’re no good at hiding secrets

This is one thing

I can say for sure

Is not worth keeping


My mom’s already calling my bluff

She can tell what’s up

That’s just how it goes

A mother always knows



My friends tried to tell me

That you would fail me

And that you most certainly did

But you also helped me


I needed to grow up 

Because I never showed up

In the way I should have 

In the ways I knew

That what we were up to

Was just no good


Now your wife’s calling me 

I think she suspects everything

She knows I’m more than a peer

What we feared

It’s all finally here 


I feel guilty

Simply empty

Your so-called love, our treachery

Wasn’t enough to fulfill me


I’ve got to let this go 

Be on my own for a little while

You know

It’s been so long since I’ve seen myself smile

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