About This Website

My name is Lily Meade. I am a young adult novelist (you can read a little more about me on the Mod Team page) and I created this website to give a home to some of the many stories I am sure will result from Taylor Swift’s album folklore.

Soon after Taylor released folklore as a surprise album, a friend of mine tweeted wondering about who would be interested in crafting a young adult anthology of stories inspired by folklore. I expressed interest and we worked together to craft a contact form and spread the word about potentially doing so in an official capacity. That would mean seeking to contact and collaborate with Taylor on creating 16 stories enclosed in one volume, professionally edited and bound like a real book. It was pitched as a charity project, with all potential profits going to a good cause.

So many incredibly talented people reached out through the contact form and I reached out personally to several well-respected authors I know and spent the entire first weekend after folklore’s release drafting a proposal of the idea for my agent. However, my agent–the rational business mind to my creative endeavors–was rightly worried that the scope of the project would be a lot to ask of me for free, especially considering my family’s serious poverty struggles (we’ve been homeless twice and are still struggling now).

Traditionally published books take 16-24 months from agreement to publication and that is a lot of time to put my own novel and career on hold. I was very sad, but wholeheartedly trust my agent to know what is best for me. I didn’t want to let this idea die though, especially because it had already touched so many people.

So while the official version of this, a real book seeking to pitch and potentially work with Taylor, cannot be, I think this may be better. A physical book could have only allowed for 16 individual authors and stories, but this website only has the limit of hosting space.

This website and the invisible strings of the stories we will share here will forever be an inclusive, accessible, and FREE way to share the stories that Taylor’s songs have inspired in us. I think that’s the best thing we could have hoped for. I’m so excited to help give those words a home.