Submission Rules

  1. Stories must be inspired by a song (or two, three, etc) from Taylor Swift’s 2020 album folklore. Submissions can be fiction (short stories, flash fiction, poetry) or nonfiction narratives (personal essays on what a certain song means to you). They must be original to you, no plagiarism allowed.
  2. Your stories remain yours. The only money spent on this website is the domain registration and hosting costs. We do not seek to profit off of your inspiration, nor Taylor’s. For more information, see the disclaimer page.
  3. No bigotry of any kind. Folklore is improved by a variety of experiences, and this website will not allow discrimination toward any member of the fandom.
  4. No erotica. While we do not mean to censor anyone’s creative expression, we wish this website to remain as accessible as possible to as many fans as possible. If illicit affairs or august inspires you to write something rated R, try ao3.
  5. Spellcheck, please. We understand language barriers and welcome writers at any level of experience, but ask you kindly to double check your spelling and grammar before submitting. Make sure to allow paragraphs in your story and avoid run-on sentences.