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Lily Meade – @LilyMeade

Lily Meade is a young adult novelist and YouTuber. Her writing has been published in Bustle and Teen Vogue. She has been a fan of Taylor Swift since Our Song. She first saw her in concert at the Seattle reputation tour stop. In March of 2020, Taylor gifted Lily’s family money to help with stresses of the coronavirus pandemic. The stability that money provided helped Lily’s family pay their rent, kickstart their mask making business, helped her finish school (a Certificate in Editing) and her novel. She’s very grateful for the opportunity to give others the chance to tell their stories.

Raveen – @folkloreraye

Raveen is a young Southern California native who runs a personal lifestyle blog. With a degree in Business Marketing, she enjoys web design and product branding. She has been a fan of Taylor Swift for a little over 13 years, with recently deciding to join “stan” twitter to further show her support for all things related Taylor Swift, and engaging with other people who share similar interests.

Lisa West – @countmytime

Lisa is a freelance Illustrator based in Chicago. In her spare time, she loves writing screenplays and poetry as well as listening to music and watching movies. She’s been a fan of Taylor Swift for over 12 years now, and finds Swift’s writing to be cathartic. She runs a fanpage on twitter where she shares her art and witty takes with other Swifties. She’s excited for fans to get the chance to express their admiration for folklore.

Lisa – @lisaswiftt

Lisa is a 26 year old Philadelphian, devoting her time to mental activism and awareness with both her aspiring career and mental health influencer Instagram account, mainly focused on eating disorder content. She is a creative non-fiction writer and enjoys painting and drawing. She’s been a lover of Taylor Swift for 12 years and has run fan pages for her on both Twitter and Tumblr for over 5 years, and was given the opportunity to meet Taylor in the reputation stadium tour “rep room”. Meeting and befriending other swifties is her favorite thing!

Kailey Steward – @KaileySteward

Kailey Steward is a young adult writer who has been a fan of Taylor Swift since 2006. She has spent many hours creating stories and admires Taylor’s skill as a lyricist above all else. The first time she saw her play was at a country festival in the Soldier Field parking lot. Most recently she was at Rep Tour St. Louis. Her favorite album is folklore.

Cassiopeia – @mad_womxn

Cassiopeia is a singer-songwriter, mashup artist and aspiring YouTuber and writer. They have performed at Avery Fisher Hall, Prudential Center and Rainbow Fashion Week. A fan of Taylor Swift since 2009, they decided to convert their personal Tumblr blog to a Taylor “stan” blog in 2014. They saw Taylor live in concert for the third East Rutherford date of her reputation tour and later got chosen to attend the Nashville Secret Session for her album Lover.